Can’t recommend Rock and Roll Doggy / Jaime’s services more - in fact, whenever I meet a pet parent on the West Side, I always recommend they get in touch with Jaime. My dog Tubs who is a 14 lb poodle/ dachsund mix has been a skittish city dog since we adopted him at 8 months. After living in NYC for 4 years, we migrated out West and I hoped the calmer environment would make Tubs less anxious. This wasn’t the case, and after 2 months in LA we were getting threatened with eviction if I couldn’t get Tubs to calm down during the day when I wasn’t home. Luckily, I found Jaime on Yelp when it was time for Tubs to get groomed. Jaime offered to throw in a hike for Tubs at a small fee with his haircut. I was very skeptical at first - I didn’t think Tubs would be able to hang with the other dogs or that he would survive a hike. Not only did he survive it, but he was happy and calm when I came home. Tubs started going on hikes with Jaime twice a week from then on. At first he was a little stubborn and would come to a grinding halt half way through but Jaime was persistent and after 3 weeks, Tubs was leading the pack! Tubs has become noticeably more confident since working with Jaime. He used to cower away from other dogs and people, and now he excitedly greets them on our walks together. The day after his hikes, he is calm and sleepy which makes him much less anxious when I leave the house for work. He is a happier and healthier dog because of Jaime!
— Written by: Helene Rotolo (Venice CA.)