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Mission Statement

Rock and Roll Doggy provides a royal experience for animals and their caretakers. Our goal is to create the ultimate experience for our clients and there caretakers.  We hold the highest standards for safety and  and convenience, while bringing out the ultimate style and spirit of each Rock-n-Roll pet.   Our goal for life is to teach humanity to treat all animals with the respect that we would want in return.   

Dog Grooming

Rock & Roll Doggy provides premier pet styling standards by qualified master groomers to all breeds of dogs featuring "Juke Joint Rhythm n' Blues” style haircuts as well as traditional trims. We also cater to breeds who don't require haircuts, but still need special attention to there grooming needs. All dog grooming will be held to the highest of standards and special attention will be given to the owners requests and their pet’s individual needs. We love all pets. and are open to the grooming needs of all animals....

  • Integrity and safety - We hold ourselves to the highest standard of safety, because the animal's heath and well-being come first.

  • Fun! - we love what we do, and it shows on the stage.

  • Style - Rock & Roll Doggy provides premier pet styling by certified master groomers to all your pets, big and small, using our "Juke Joint Rhythm n' Blues” style haircuts as well as all of the traditional trims.

"From mohawk to poodle cut, we'll give your pet the look he or she wants..."